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Talented and dedicated WPDI young peacemaker from Tijuana gets admitted into the Technological University of Tijuana

After years working with WPDI, Carlos Martínez, one of very active young peacemakers from Tijuana is admitted at the prestigious Technological University of Tijuana through its partnership with WPDI.

WPDI is very proud to announce that Carlos Martínez, one of our young peacemakers from Tijuana has just been admitted to the “Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana” (Technological University of Tijuana), where he will be studying International Commerce. UTT is one of Tijuana’s most prestigious universities and a long-term partner of the Tijuana branch of our flagship program, the Youth Peacemaker Network (YPN). The YPN is a leadership program through which we train cohorts of young women and men from conflict- and violence-affected places, whose educational and cultural peace projects we subsequently support for the benefit of their communities.

Throughout his time with the program, Carlos Martínez has been one of our most active peacemakers. He has participated extensively in the organisation of “Conflict resolution” workshops to raise awareness of pupils and young students on the values of peace and non-violence. Due to his hard work, enthusiastic attitude and collaboration as a peacemaker in the Tijuana YPN, Carlos is now a student at UTT; which, through our partnership, recognizes our trainings.

Carlos’ message announcing us he had been admitted to UTT is a moving testimony of his experience with WPDI: “I would like to thank the Initiative for always being with us, the peacemakers. I feel very fortunate to be part of this Initiative, and now that I am starting a new phase in my life, I would like to show my affection and gratitude for supporting me. In this new phase of my life, I feel very happy to be enrolled in a University and see myself surrounded by young people who also look to improve themselves. This motivates me so that in the future, I can make an important change in my country as a person who promotes peace.”

While fully committed to his education, Carlos has already confirmed that he will continue collaborating with WPDI to train children and adolescents on conflict resolution.

Carlos is not the first WPDI youth to get into UTT, where he is going to follow the steps of other peacemakers: Judith Huerta, Carlos León, Ana María Burgos, Yormin Googn, Mayra Galeana, Alberto Niebla, José Rodríguez, Tzunami Cen and Angel Loretto. Some of them have already graduated.

Their hard work and will to continue their education vindicate the purpose of the YPN. It is our belief indeed that learning is key for peace as denoting an attitude of openness towards people and the world at large.