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WPDI and the Promise of Youth Across the World - Blog by Forest Whitaker

During a recent visit to Uganda, I met a young woman named Asayo. Asayo told me a story about how, after receiving mediation training from Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) staff, she was able to successfully negotiate an agreement between the Lobung and Padibe peoples over a more

WPDI TOTs of South Sudan take the initiative to promote bottom up peace by mobilizing local leaders

At a crucial time when peace talks are underway to end five years of civil conflict in South Sudan, WPDI TOTs from the eastern part of the country decided to take matters in hand and initiate a large-scale peacebuilding initiative featuring a forum for local leaders in the town of Nimule more

Children from vulnerable communities within Juba, South Sudan, rejoice at the three brand new playgrounds our partner Naguib Sawiris just donated

When they saw their brand new shiny playgrounds, the children simply roared and chanted, and leapt and ran. Last week, we completed the installation of three playground areas in Juba – one at our Community Learning Center in the city and two at a UN-operated camp for Internally Displaced Persons ( more