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WPDI Youth Peacemakers Foster Dialogue Between Communities in Conflict in Northern Uganda’s Acholi Region

Since mid-September, WPDI Youth Peacemakers have held six community dialogues in northern Uganda’s Acholi region. These dialogues gathered a total of 240 local leaders and other stakeholders around a wide-range of issues ranging from land disputes to mass killings. Yet, each issue has one thing more

WPDI and the Swedish Postcode Foundation Renew Partnership in Northern Uganda

The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) and the Swedish Postcode Foundation recently renewed their partnership to support young African entrepreneurs create some 81 small businesses in northern Uganda. Moving forward, our collaboration will focus on an exciting new initiative more

Forest Whitaker Discusses Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship with the IKEA Foundation

Recently, Forest Whitaker was in Leiden, the Netherlands, to discuss the work of his foundation - the Whitaker Peace & Development (WPDI) - in South Sudan at the headquarters of the IKEA Foundation, an important supporter of our initiatives in that war-torn country. There, Forest presented more