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A year into the full launch of their program in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Uganda, WPDI and the Western Union Foundation are recording early promising successes

Two years ago, Hikmet Ersek, CEO of Western Union and Forest Whitaker, CEO/Founder of WPDI, met in Istanbul at the Humanitarian World Forum. The international community had gathered under the helm of the United Nations to address the issue of combining humanitarian assistance and development work, more

Big turnout for our trainings in Juba signals overwhelming needs in skills among South Sudanese youth

Turnout was impressive for registration at the new round of trainings we opened this month at our Community Learning Center (CLC) in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. 300 applicants came for our 50-slot course on conflict resolution. 50 seats available for the ICT class were filled in more

In Magwi, South Sudan, WPDI youth take the initiative to make peace happen

In Magwi county, South Sudan, a fragile country torn by an ethnic-based civil war, WPDI youth peacemakers deploy a holistic strategy to help assuage tensions among mutually distrustful communities by tapping on income-generating activities, community dialogues, mediation processes, education more