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WPDI reinforces the capacity of future youth leaders from the former Western Equatoria State area in South Sudan

“Thanks to WPDI trainings, I am now changing my behavior on how I handle situations with other individuals. With the new knowledge I am receiving, I will be able to be a leader in my county and prevent violence and conflict, to change the minds of people to bring positive peace in my community.” more

WPDI takes its peacebuilding mission a step further as it trains its peacemakers to teach conflict resolution in schools

29 June 2017 Mobilizing the unique potential of youth to promote peace among their peers, WDPI delivered on 22-24 June an advanced training on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) to the group of young peacemakers we support in the 9 counties of the Eastern Equatoria area of South Sudan. more

Forest Whitaker to moderate a panel with the Dalai Lama at the invitation of Starkey Hearing Technologies

On June 23, our CEO/Founder was in Minnesota to moderate exchanges at a panel with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and philanthropist Bill Austin, the CEO of the Starkey Hearing Technologies, and the host of the event. While active in different domains, these three figures have been guided by more