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Tijuana Youth Peacemakers Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

July 22, 2016 WPDI’s youth peacemakers in Tijuana, Mexico are busy working tirelessly on the implementation of their six community-building projects in their neighborhoods that take a wide range of approaches to fostering civic involvement and responsibility among youth from leading more

Displaced South Sudanese Youth Trained as Soccer Referees and Coaches

July 4, 2016 Last week, 27 youth at a protection-of-civilians (POC) site in Juba, South Sudan were designated by representatives from the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) as officially certified soccer coaches and referees. The group had been undergoing months of training as part of WPDI’ more

Working with Refugees to Prevent Tomorrow’s Conflicts

June 20, 2016 As the international community comes together to commemorate World Refugee Day, we face the somber reality that the number of refugees around the world continues to grow to unacceptable levels. Today over 60 million people—about 1 per every 122 people on the planet—are more