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Global Peacemaker Network

The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) is proud to create the Global Peacemaker Network, an online platform for students, teachers, conflict resolution and peacebuilding professionals, policy makers and global citizens. This network is an open source virtual space with information about Peacebuilding and Community Building acting as a social network utilizing technology, education, vocational tools , global resource mapping along with security and development topics from around world – from Conflict Resolution Education materials for teachers to the impact of technology and natural resources in global security. We welcome you to view the Resource Library below and contribute a resource.

Hanan Al Hroub, Winner, Global Teacher Prize 2016

Hanan strives to provide peace in the classroom coupled with attention to individual children’s needs. Her goal is to lend a helping hand to children who have been exposed to any kind of violence and need special care in their first years at school. To find out more please visit: read more

Why your doctor should care about social justice

New York City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett shares lessons learned from her broad experience in addressing health disparities and reveals what may be the greatest stumbling block to equitable health care in the US: institutional racism. read more

Moringa women: using solar energy to grow women’s incomes in rural Guinea

Moringa is a vitamin-rich tree that supports biodiversity and prevents soil erosion by keeping the earth full of nutrients. Its leaves provide a dietary supplement and offer over 300 medicinal benefits for many societies worldwide. For its many rumored health benefits, global demand for moringa is on the rise, as are its market prices. With support from UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, the PREM organisation helped install solar polytunnel dryers in four localities of the Islands and trained local women’s cooperatives to use this renewable technology to scale moringa production on the Islands. In this video, Aissta Keita – president of the moringa women’s cooperative in Kapkin locality—discusses how learning to plant, grow, harvest, wash, dry and package new moringa products through PREM’s programme has created new economic opportunities and transformed the community’s outlook and care for the environment. This video is part of the knowledge initiative of UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality “Building Resilience in Fragility: Women’s Empowerment in Action” supported by the Government of Japan. For more information about the Fund, please visit read more

On the Pathway Towards Peace: WPDI’s 2015 Annual Report

2015 was a busy year for the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative and for our youth peacemakers, who continue to develop their skills as leaders and community builders. Around the world, from Mexico to Los Angeles to Uganda to South Sudan, our peacemakers have been hard at work teaching transformative peacebuilding at the community level, leading anti-bullying lessons in middle schools, providing Internet and computer classes for their neighbors, creating income-generating projects that provide work for unemployed youths in developing communities, bringing young people from different background and ethnicities together on the soccer field—and much more. You can read all about our peacemakers’ achievements and our programs’ impact in our 2015 Annual Report. read more

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity. read more

Alone & Frightened - Experiential Stories of Former Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda on Improving Reintegration

This resource guide of experiential stories from former child soldiers serves as both an informative outreach to bring wider attention to the issue and also as an analysis to provide solutions from the findings to better improve reintegration in Northern Uganda. It should be noted that this was a joint-study done with the U.S.-based Goldin Institute's partners in the region, namely, Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali and Arigatou International - Nairobi. read more

South Sudan: Keeping Faith in the IGAD Peace Process

For more than eighteen months, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional body mediating peace negotiations to end South Sudan’s civil war, has struggled to secure a deal in the face of deep regional divisions and the parties’ truculence. In this video, Crisis Group's South Sudan Analyst Casie Copeland explains how to overcome these challenges. International Crisis Group | July 7.2015 read more

The Day After Peace - (Education version) Spanish

In The Day After Peace charts Jeremy Gilley's extraordinary 10-year journey to establish Peace Day on 21 September, and shows how the Day is being used around the world to save lives. The films breathtaking conclusion finds Jeremy joined by Jude Law in Afghanistan, attempting to spearhead a massive vaccination against polio on Peace Day. Spanish subtitles. read more

The Arts Are Not A Flower | Rachel Goslins | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue

Why do our nation's schools continue to suffer from declines in arts education budgets and instructional time even though a 2005 Harris Poll found that 93% of Americans believe that the arts are vital to a well-rounded education? In her very thoughtful and entertaining talk, Rachel Goslins, Executive Director of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, persuasively argues that the arts are not a bouquet of daisies we give our children when we (or they) can afford it; they are also a tool (a wrench) that can be used to address some of the most intractable problems our young people face. read more

El Poder de las palabras | Verónica Tróchez | TEDxRíodePiedras

Verónica nos presenta un nuevo lenguaje que todos somos capaces de hablar, el de las virtudes. A través de cambios individuales podemos alcanzar la armonía que nos hace falta. Facilitadora Máster del Proyecto Virtudes Internacional. Creyente de la educación sobre valores para construir un mejor lugar para vivir. Encontró una relación entre la salud mental y las situaciones psicoafectivas, que la interesó en Terapia Psicocorporal y técnicas de tratamientos holísticos. Su ideal es contribuir para que Honduras viva en paz, haciendo consciencia de que el cambio parte de cada uno de nosotros. read more