The human spirit is unstoppable

POSTED: 7/2/2015
Greece was on edge on Thursday, days ahead of a controversial referendum on the country's economic future. Scheduled for Sunday, the referendum will...
POSTED: 7/2/2015
MAPUTO -- Girls should be right at the center of the upcoming Oslo Summit on Education for Development . I applaud Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg's...
POSTED: 7/2/2015
The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria has taken a toll on the lives of children who have remained there, as well as the estimated 2 million...
POSTED: 7/2/2015
A dangerous heat wave scorching Europe this week is breaking records and forcing people to seek shade and water, as well as refuge indoors. Triple-...
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Greeks head to the polls on Sunday to vote on whether they’ll continue austerity policies imposed by creditors and their European partners or strike...
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Despite the recent uproar, opinion on the flag remains largely unchanged since 2000
POSTED: 7/2/2015
America isn't Greece, but we can see in Kansas and Louisiana the disastrous consequences of Greek-style austerity
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Was Trump on to something when he called Mexican immigrants rapists? Rich Lowry seems to think so
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Justice Kennedy made history with an imperfect legal argument. But his central idea, "dignity," is revolutionary
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Reality show guest stars apply for a marriage license in Montana, the right-wing "slippery slope" freakout begins
POSTED: 7/2/2015
Sanders has been narrowing the gap in New Hampshire -- and now Iowa is looking a lot more interesting
POSTED: 7/2/2015
"Inspectors tell me this is the worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers"
POSTED: 7/2/2015
She was confused by different constitutions being different things despite having "a lot of similar words"
POSTED: 7/2/2015
The music video for Rihanna's new single has arrived, and it is very NSFW


We are pleased to announce that on July 4, 2015, our Founder and CEO
UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation Forest Whitaker led an

Forest Whitaker, Humanitarian, CEO and Founder of WPDI, Actor, gave a

On February 4, 2015, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Health

The ultra-durable One World Futbol, a soccer ball that never needs a

South Sudan | 5 February 2015


January 15, 2015  more than 600 civic, business and philanthropic

In the winter of 2012, WPDI provided our key partner in

  • The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) extends to

Whitaker’s international influence is not limited to Hollywood. He’s

In South Sudan, UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation

A speech about the conflict in South Sudan and how WPDI is helping to

Academy award winner Forest Whitaker visited Findley Elementary in Des

Forest Whitaker, an Oscar-winning actor, was at Des Moines' Findley

Forest Whitaker returns to inspire Des Moines students

People Magazine, “Forest Whitaker Uses His Start Power to Fight for

RTT News, “Forest Whitaker Honored for His Civil Rights Work in Uganda

United Nations Radio, “Forest Whitaker launches peace organization in

Zain Company, “Forest Whitaker visits Zain South Sudan offices to

“A Message from UNESCO’s Forest Whitaker on Peace in South Sudan”,

Ericsson website, “Peace Initiative launched in Mexico with Forest


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