The human spirit is unstoppable

POSTED: 4/24/2015
His songs taught me about sex. Our interview had a real connection. Then I found my way to L.A. -- and into his bed
POSTED: 4/24/2015
Even in the depths of my celibate curmudgeonliness it didn't occur to me to file a noise complaint. But people do
POSTED: 4/24/2015
The character actor plays a father and husband to (real-life girlfriend) Rose Byrne in "Adult Beginners"
POSTED: 4/24/2015
A number of Native American extras walked off the set of Sandler's new Netflix film "Ridiculous 6"
POSTED: 4/24/2015
The Koch-backed Heartland Institute will enlighten Pope Francis about our "Biblical duty" to destroy the planet
POSTED: 4/24/2015
"CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap" shows how far we've come -- and how far we have left to go
POSTED: 4/24/2015
A conservative columnist paints those against executing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as terrorist sympathizers
POSTED: 4/24/2015
John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin celebrate 40 years of "The Holy Grail"
POSTED: 4/24/2015
Plus: A Colorado man was cited for shooting his unresponsive computer eight times with a handgun
POSTED: 4/24/2015
"He's a good guy," Allie Young said, "it's just sad" that he chose to depict her people this way
POSTED: 4/24/2015
A parody video highlights the West's devastatingly low snowpack
POSTED: 4/24/2015
The multifaceted actress plays the matriarch of a traumatized family in "Bad Hurt," now playing at Tribeca
POSTED: 4/24/2015
I believe that abortion care is a positive social good -- and I think it’s time people said so
POSTED: 4/24/2015
"I think you're powerful and heroic but the fact that you endorse Clinton makes me sadder than 'The Notebook'"
POSTED: 4/24/2015
A researcher explains to Salon why hiring one woman can hurt another woman's prospects -- and how to change it


The ultra-durable One World Futbol, a soccer ball that never needs a

South Sudan | 5 February 2015


January 15, 2015  more than 600 civic, business and philanthropic

In the winter of 2012, WPDI provided our key partner in

  • The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) extends to

Whitaker’s international influence is not limited to Hollywood. He’s

In South Sudan, UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation

A speech about the conflict in South Sudan and how WPDI is helping to

Academy award winner Forest Whitaker visited Findley Elementary in Des

Forest Whitaker, an Oscar-winning actor, was at Des Moines' Findley

Forest Whitaker returns to inspire Des Moines students

People Magazine, “Forest Whitaker Uses His Start Power to Fight for

RTT News, “Forest Whitaker Honored for His Civil Rights Work in Uganda

United Nations Radio, “Forest Whitaker launches peace organization in

Zain Company, “Forest Whitaker visits Zain South Sudan offices to

“A Message from UNESCO’s Forest Whitaker on Peace in South Sudan”,

Ericsson website, “Peace Initiative launched in Mexico with Forest

UNESCO Courier, “Child Soldiers: a new life ahead” Forest Whitaker

UNESCO, Culture, “Forest Whitaker: ‘This is the new hope of humanity

UN Earth News, “UN Day of Peace: Sustainable peace for a sustainable

CNN, “Actor Forest Whitaker marks 10th Anniversary of Intl. Day of

Yahoo News, “Social Good Summit: Forest Whitaker on embracing

Starkey Hearing Foundation, “March Newsletter: Forest Whitaker Joins

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