The human spirit is unstoppable

POSTED: 5/28/2015
Installation on the Havana Malecon for the XII Havana Biennial (14ymedio) The man approaches and pulls a fork from the work Delicatessen that is...
POSTED: 5/28/2015
For some twenty years, Sudan has been the target of United States sanctions which have not only blocked assets of the government, but imposed what is...
POSTED: 5/28/2015
Federal health officials announced the new guidelines after a clinical trial showed pronounced benefits for people put on antiretroviral drugs as...
POSTED: 5/28/2015
WASHINGTON -- When the Senate passed a high-profile piece of trade legislation last Friday, lawmakers simultaneously approved a little-noticed...
POSTED: 5/28/2015
The British prime minister, on a trip to Europe, is warning that Britain may leave the European Union if it cannot win policy changes.
POSTED: 5/28/2015
The star's studly good cheer nearly rescues an old-school disaster flick, but total destruction is the real draw
POSTED: 5/28/2015
"There's nobody out there trying to get Christian preachers to marry people against their will" he said
POSTED: 5/28/2015
Let us count all the ways in which "The Princess of North Sudan" is a disaster
POSTED: 5/28/2015
Your ad is now a song, and vice versa, thanks to opaque backroom deals
POSTED: 5/28/2015
The Academy Award-toting actress told graduates she was "woefully unprepared" for both Harvard and "Black Swan"
POSTED: 5/28/2015
Who will be invited to the GOP primary debates? A new poll offers hints and has some bad news for Chris Christie
POSTED: 5/28/2015
The GOP field's newest entrant would like to tell you about 9/11 -- ever heard of it?
POSTED: 5/28/2015
The Duggar family refused to comment -- on anything
POSTED: 5/28/2015
If you answered "Less than 2 minutes," you are correct!
POSTED: 5/28/2015
A dumb argument that Obama has dragged his party too far left would be laughable -- except some Dems believe it too


The ultra-durable One World Futbol, a soccer ball that never needs a

South Sudan | 5 February 2015


January 15, 2015  more than 600 civic, business and philanthropic

In the winter of 2012, WPDI provided our key partner in

  • The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) extends to

Whitaker’s international influence is not limited to Hollywood. He’s

In South Sudan, UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation

A speech about the conflict in South Sudan and how WPDI is helping to

Academy award winner Forest Whitaker visited Findley Elementary in Des

Forest Whitaker, an Oscar-winning actor, was at Des Moines' Findley

Forest Whitaker returns to inspire Des Moines students

People Magazine, “Forest Whitaker Uses His Start Power to Fight for

RTT News, “Forest Whitaker Honored for His Civil Rights Work in Uganda

United Nations Radio, “Forest Whitaker launches peace organization in

Zain Company, “Forest Whitaker visits Zain South Sudan offices to

“A Message from UNESCO’s Forest Whitaker on Peace in South Sudan”,

Ericsson website, “Peace Initiative launched in Mexico with Forest

UNESCO Courier, “Child Soldiers: a new life ahead” Forest Whitaker

UNESCO, Culture, “Forest Whitaker: ‘This is the new hope of humanity

UN Earth News, “UN Day of Peace: Sustainable peace for a sustainable

CNN, “Actor Forest Whitaker marks 10th Anniversary of Intl. Day of


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