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ANC shows its hand with land reform

POSTED: 3/23/2017 A just and equitable settlement applies only to expropriation and even then it can’t be codified. Read more

Lucas rebuffs ‘dirty money’ claims

POSTED: 3/23/2017 The Northern Cape premier faces an uphill battle to become the ANC’s first woman provincial chair. Read more

Editorial: How 'Spur man' and Zille are alike

POSTED: 3/23/2017 The mother's anger has somehow been treated like a sinful indulgence, as though women are supposed to respond with a smile in the face of provocation. Read more

Early learning = equality and jobs

POSTED: 3/23/2017 The only way out of the poverty trap is quality education in grade R and in primary school. Read more

Fifa ban places qualifier in doubt

POSTED: 3/23/2017 Bafana gear up for two friendlies amid fears they may have to replay the Senegal game. Read more

Editorial: World Bank's poor call

POSTED: 3/23/2017 Presumably out of the best of motives, World Bank’s investors have put money into a company whose behaviour looks like it is fleecing the poor. Read more

Loyalty is the secret to  ‘the untouchables’

POSTED: 3/23/2017 Dlamini’s case proves again that the president will protect his closest allies no matter what. Read more

Africa needs free movement

POSTED: 3/23/2017 The continent needs a humane migration policy in a world that is anti-migrant and anti-black. Read more

C’mon Maimane, grow a pair

POSTED: 3/23/2017 Is Zille ignorant? I do not think so. She is well read and educated. Her problem is not ignorance. Read more

SA may hold key to curing world's rising MDR-TB epidemic

POSTED: 3/23/2017 New drug combinations tested in the country may be a lifeline to those with TB most unlikely to survive it. Read more